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Sophie started her career in the hospitality industry in the UK and Barbados. Deciding 10 years ago to follow her passion in interior design.


Sophie's words -  Design is so much more than the placement of furniture and things. It is a feeling that you get when you walk in to a space and you know you love it! From the subtle details, to the bigger statement pieces. It is all a perfect balance of function and style.

My designs take inspiration from my love of nature and all things natural. They are intended to make you feel at one with the beauty of a seamless sense of space and therefore projecting a working harmony and calm.

I love the juxtaposition of the old and new,….it lends itself to the design balance of perfect and imperfect, reflecting life itself really.


Sophie Domenge offers a full interior design and interior consulting services for residential clients as well as retail and leisure businesses in Barbados.

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